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Items for Shipment

The following items are requested for the relief shipment that is going out this week. Please note that we are requesting these items only from church members in that we explained this effort during our services this weekend and must complete it by 10.4.2017.

Items may be dropped off at Pastor Rob's house or brought to the church Wednesday night. Please do not bring items that will not ship well or that will spoil. Please avoid very heavy single items that will cause boxes to break in shipping.

Medical supplies:



Rubbing Alcohol

Pepto Bismol

Children's Tylenol




Adult Diapers


School Supplies: Many schools have been completely wiped out.



Art supplies for the kids (markers, crayons, paper, etc.)


Food Items:

Fruit cups


Pasta and Sauce (avoid glass containers that could break in shipping)

Dehydrated mashed potatoes

Protein Drinks

Dry Salami

Lollipops and chips (the kids are requesting these)

Non-perishable items that will ship and keep well


Other Items:

Hand Sanitizer

Small battery operated fans

Walkie Talkies

Various size batteries

Cat and Dog Food

Other appropriate items (use good judgment)


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